Throughout the pandemic, nurses and allied health professionals in ICUs have had to take on extra responsibilities, while trying to understand and adapt to a disease that has presented new challenges.
The current health crisis has also provided opportunities for learning, creativity and research, as well as inter-disciplinary collaborations.
As more is discovered about COVID-19 and our care practices and measures adapt, we can begin to look back and reflect on the lessons learned. This webinar will cover all aspects of rehabilitation, recovery and reflection.
Internationally renowned experts will present and answer questions on topics including patient care and rehabilitation, communication, delirium, physiotherapy challenges, staffing models, family interactions, resilience, and what we have learned as a profession.
This free event is open to all those caring for COVID-19 patients or interested in learning more.

This webinar will be moderated by Jozef Kesecioglu, Nikolaos Efstathiou, Carole Boulanger and Katerina Iliopoulou.

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With special thanks to all the speakers and moderators for their willingness to participate in this COVID-19 Webinars despite their heavy workloads.

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09th July 2020
14:00Welcome and openingJozef Kesecioglu & Maurizio Cecconi
14:05IntroductionCarole Boulanger / Johannes Mellinghoff
14:10Patient rehabilitation - physiotherapy challenges/reflections on COVID experienceDavid McWilliams
14:25Patient communicationCamilla Dawson
14:40Delirium - return to selfPeter Nydahl
15:05Recover - return to a new normal? Challenges of coming out of surgeJennifer Jackson
15:20Nursing education requirements / challenges during COVIDColette Laws-Chapman
15:35Impact on Nursing & AHP staffing modelsRuth Endacott
15:50Building resilience Jos Latour
16:15What did we learn as a profession of nurses & AHP?Velia Antonini
16:30What I learned about patient care during COVIDSilvia Calvino Gunther
16:45What did we do differently during COVID? Will we continue?Alessandro Galazzi
17:00Family interactions: what did we learn?Margo van Mol
17:25Rounding upJohannes Mellinghoff / Carole Boulanger

This programme is subject to modification