Two weeks after the WHO declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, our first COVID-19 marathon webinar on 28 March united over 130,000 healthcare professionals worldwide, from 160 different countries. The topics and questions gave rise to a number of studies and publications and ESICM has continued to provide open access resources to the global intensive care community.

Guest speakers, clinical researchers and international experts will present latest findings and experience and cover topics including adaptive research during a pandemic, immune response to SARS/COV2, coagulopathy & thrombosis, physiology and steroids in COVID ARDS…

The Half Marathon will be moderate by Jozef Kesecioglu, Maurizio Cecconi, Derek Angus, Howard Bauchner, Giuseppe Citerio, Jan De Waele and Armand Girbes.

Join the conversation and react #covidmarathon #esicmtv supported by our Social Media team led by Adrian Wong (@avkwong), David Lynes (@Gas_Craic), Velia Antonini (@FOAMecmo) and Segun Olusanya (@iceman).

With special thanks to all the speakers and moderators for their willingness to participate in this COVID-19 Marathon Webinar despite their heavy workloads.

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16th May 2020
14:00OpeningJozef Kesecioglu & Maurizio Cecconi
14:05WHO UpdateJanet Victoria Diaz
14:25Adaptive research during a pandemic Lennie Derde
14:45ESICM Research Project: UNITE-COVID19Jan De Waele
14:50Immune response to SARS / COV2Alberto Mantovani
15:10Coagulopathy and thrombosis: evidences and take-home message Julie Helms
15:30Steroids in COVID ARDS: where do we stand ? Peter Pickkers
15:50Does prone position help during spontaneous breathing?Laurant Brochard
16:10Treatment Considerations for COVID-19Preeti Malani
16:30Fairly Allocating Scarce Ventilators and Anti-viral Medications During the COVID-19 PandemicDoug White
16:50Why we should not take shortcuts even during a pandemic?
Anders Perner
17:10Previous evidence does not apply to this: use physiology Luciano Gattinoni
17:30The truth at the bedside, what should I do?Richard Beale
17:50ClosingJozef Kesecioglu & Maurizio Cecconi

This programme is subject to modification